With many years of experience in the Logistics industry, delivery and warehousing business, GREEN OCEAN can grasp and effectively fulfill all transportation and delivery needs of customers from oversized and oversized shipments to Large projects to small items transported through the airport border gate. GREEN OCEAN ‘s strength in logistics services is the smooth combination of all stages in the transportation process and ensuring on-time customs clearance, saving time and costs for customers. Many multinational companies such as Apple, SamSung, Digiworld… have trusted and entrusted GREEN OCEAN with delivering goods as required safely and on time.

GREEN OCEAN provides a chain of logistics services from receiving goods, organizing packaging, warehousing, renting vehicles, customs procedures… and delivering goods to the final destination as specified by the shipper, selected by the customer. . With the motto “Saving maximum time and costs for customers” helps GREEN OCEAN ‘s services always be at the forefront and bring high efficiency to customers.


  • Prepare goods for transport;
  • Organizing the transportation of goods – within the station and port;
  • Organize loading and unloading of goods;
  • Acting as a consultant for shippers in transporting goods;
  • Sign a transport contract with the carrier, charter a ship, store freight;
  • Carry out procedures for sending and receiving goods;
  • Carry out customs procedures, testing and quarantine;
  • Buy insurance for goods;
  • Prepare necessary documents during the shipping and receiving process;
  • Payment and foreign currency exchange;
  • Receive goods from the goods owner, deliver them to the carrier and deliver them to the recipient;
  • Arrange for transshipment of goods;
  • Receive goods from the carrier and deliver them to the recipient;
  • Consolidate goods, select appropriate transport routes, modes of transport and carriers;
  • Packaging, classification, recycling of goods;
  • Storage and preservation of goods;
  • Receive and check necessary documents related to the movement of goods;
  • Payment of freight, loading and unloading costs, storage and warehousing costs…;
  • Notify the departure and arrival of means of transport;
  • Notify the carrier of loss;
  • Helping shippers in making complaints for compensation…
  • In addition, forwarders also provide special services at the request of shippers such as: transporting machinery and equipment for large construction projects, transporting exhibition goods abroad… Especially in recent years. Recently, forwarders often provide multimodal transport services, acting as MTOs (multimodal transport operators) and also issuing transport documents.

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Logistics Ground in Asia Pacific
  •  Operating in all major countries and borders
  • Extensive services including: linehaul, Pick Up and Delivery (PUD), home delivery, milkrun, cross-border, courier and rail
  • Singapore to Shanghai cross-border service
  • China to Europe railway service: Innovative service balancing speed and cost; faster than Oceanfreight, cheaper than Airfreight
  • Linehaul China: 700 trucks a day, 6.25 million pallets moved yearly
Transportation across Europe
  • Multi-sector and multi-mode capabilities
  • Working with Pan-European players and niche specialists
  • Central control and network monitoring through the Control Tower
  • 450,000 tons managed a year
  • 40,000 shipments a year
  • 200 transport partners
  • Groupage/LTL/FTL
  • In Turkey, Logistics handles over 7,700 FTL trips a month
Logistics Ground in North America
  • Supports U.S. Domestic network through LTL/FTL services
  • Over 70,000 scheduled linehaul segments per year
  • Seven hubs and 62 stations
  • 7.5 million miles a month
  • 8,000 loads a month

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Through our global control tower network and advanced technology, we can monitor and respond flexibly to situations such as adverse weather, additional passenger pick-ups or drop-offs, or heavy traffic, i.e. Your goods are always moved in the most efficient way.

Our non-asset-based road network gives you flexibility, improved service levels, faster deliveries, reduced direct and indirect costs and much less


You benefit from our experience in providing effective solutions for the complex global supply chains of some of the world's largest corporations.


You benefit from every innovation, whether it is a simple expansion of our Air and Sea Freight products, whether it is a development in warehousing.

24/7 Support

All of which explains why you will find the excellent support team at GREEN OCEAN ready to respond to Logistics complexities to deliver good solutions to support your business.