GREEN OCEAN creates business flow. As one of the leading Logistics companies in Vietnam, we design and implement industry-leading solutions for both freight management.

More than 300 dedicated employees, working in 7 regional clusters across Vietnam and the world, bring excellence in Logistics operations — to effectively handle the Logistics difficulties that your Business faces.

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Known globally for their ability to handle every last detail of their customers’ specific logistics and delivery needs, GREEN OCEAN’s Special Services team will take care of all the hard work you need. Businesses are facing.

GREEN OCEAN is a sure destination and a 100% safe and effective choice.

We have designed detailed handling solutions suitable for all sizes of Logistics industry. We will preserve the goods and take care of them or handle problems effectively, delivering them safely and on time!

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GREEN OCEAN operates through a management system and standard procedures according to regulations, so orders will be processed and delivered as committed. Processing exceptional orders will have a major impact on other customers. Therefore, please inform the recipient about the most convenient time for receiving the goods.

Shipping rates depend on the weight, size of the goods and shipping time. Depending on your choice, there will be different price frames. You can quickly contact via the Website or call directly for the fastest support.

Currently, GREEN OCEAN supports international shipping. The price depends on the receiving address and weight of the goods. You can contact directly VIA Hotline +84-8-6 283 55 58 for instructions. guide.

GREEN OCEAN accepts delivery of high value goods. For this type of goods, transportation will have many risks, so GREEN OCEAN has insurance levels for each value level. This insurance may or may not be mandatory.

GREEN OCEAN has main transportation services, including: Road transport, Sea transport, Air transport, Customs tax declaration.
There are also additional services available. Please send support information via the Website or call directly via the Hotline.

What makes us special?

More than 300 dedicated employees, working in 7 regional clusters globally, deliver operational excellence.

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