GREEN OCEAN provides shared warehouse rental solutions to help customers save maximum storage costs. This is a solution applied by many advanced countries around the world and is very popular. Because you not only share warehouse space, but also equipment and personnel. Thereby cutting costs significantly.

Accordingly, GREEN OCEAN plans warehouses into specific areas. Customers’ goods are stored in a common warehouse system with full modern equipment. Even though it is a shared warehouse, each customer will own a private space, not mixing other people’s goods. Goods are arranged on standard shelves.

A common warehouse is a solution that will help customers solve difficulties in storing small quantities of goods, importing and exporting many times. GREEN OCEAN general warehouse system is always ready to take over customers’ goods at any time, in any quantity. Besides, a shared warehouse also helps you save more costs by calculating warehouse rental fees based on the actual increase or decrease in goods volume.

GREEN OCEAN general warehouse system ensures the safety of your goods with full protection, security, camera monitoring, and professional goods management services.

In addition, you can completely rent a private area from 20m2 in GREEN OCEAN ‘s shared warehouse system . Compared to renting a private warehouse, GREEN OCEAN ‘s shared warehouse solution helps you save a lot of costs because there is no waste of empty space, no need to invest in machinery and equipment, and no organization effort. goods arrangement.


Whether it’s just a short-term stay of 1-2 months or a long-term stay of many years, customers will experience professional service with modern infrastructure and specialized operating procedures from equipment to people.

Currently, there are many seasonal businesses that only need to rent a warehouse for 1-2 months each year to store goods. Signing a long-term contract will be a waste because there are times when there is little or no stock. GREEN OCEAN ‘s short-term warehouse rental solution is exactly what you need.

Accordingly, the warehouse rental term will be flexible,  which month you save and pay for that month . In particular, GREEN OCEAN applies the  most beneficial fee formula  for customers. Warehouse rental costs are calculated based on the actual amount of goods stored, how much you import, how much you pay, and deductions for exported goods.

The GREEN OCEAN warehouse system is professionally invested with a standard shelf system, fire protection, cameras, forklifts, and personnel for loading, unloading, packaging, and transportation. You do not need to spend money to invest or operate a warehouse. Just put the goods into storage and experience our service! For customers who rent warehouses long-term and want long-term cooperation, we always have many attractive incentives


GREEN OCEAN has all the services customers need such as: Transportation, storage, classification, packaging, stamping, management, package delivery, etc. You don’t need to waste time and money investing in operating equipment!

GREEN OCEAN ‘s distribution warehouse solution is suitable for businesses or individuals doing online business, online sales, e-commerce goods, retail deliveries,…

Instead of having to invest in your own warehouse, hire more staff, and spend a lot of time managing goods. Now you can comfortably do business effectively thanks to GREEN OCEAN ‘s distribution warehouse solution . We build scientific and modern management methods to help you control your business situation easily.

With GREEN OCEAN , your important job is to focus on product development and finding new orders. The remaining stages from storage, packaging, labeling, management or delivery, GREEN OCEAN will perform professionally on your behalf from A to Z!

Contact GREEN OCEAN for specific instructions via Hotline: +84-8- 6 283 55 58

Logistics Ground in Asia Pacific
  •  Operating in all major countries and borders
  • Extensive services including: linehaul, Pick Up and Delivery (PUD), home delivery, milkrun, cross-border, courier and rail
  • Singapore to Shanghai cross-border service
  • China to Europe railway service: Innovative service balancing speed and cost; faster than Oceanfreight, cheaper than Airfreight
  • Linehaul China: 700 trucks a day, 6.25 million pallets moved yearly
Transportation across Europe
  • Multi-sector and multi-mode capabilities
  • Working with Pan-European players and niche specialists
  • Central control and network monitoring through the Control Tower
  • 450,000 tons managed a year
  • 40,000 shipments a year
  • 200 transport partners
  • Groupage/LTL/FTL
  • In Turkey, Logistics handles over 7,700 FTL trips a month
Logistics Ground in North America
  • Supports U.S. Domestic network through LTL/FTL services
  • Over 70,000 scheduled linehaul segments per year
  • Seven hubs and 62 stations
  • 7.5 million miles a month
  • 8,000 loads a month

To learn more about our ground transportation operations in North America and how we can support your business, please visit www.stylemixthemes.com.


Through our global control tower network and advanced technology, we can monitor and respond flexibly to situations such as adverse weather, additional passenger pick-ups or drop-offs, or heavy traffic, i.e. Your goods are always moved in the most efficient way.

Our non-asset-based road network gives you flexibility, improved service levels, faster deliveries, reduced direct and indirect costs and much less


You benefit from our experience in providing effective solutions for the complex global supply chains of some of the world's largest corporations.


You benefit from every innovation, whether it is a simple expansion of our Air and Sea Freight products, whether it is a development in warehousing.

24/7 Support

All of which explains why you will find the excellent support team at GREEN OCEAN ready to respond to Logistics complexities to deliver good solutions to support your business.